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The Mystic Music Wanderlust of Cliff Hines, And More (Rock The Pilot on Radio Casbah #3)

The latest half-hour podcast is another multimedia presentation (available in HD) featuring music and videos by Cliff Hines and No Mas Bodas, with a bonus a/v profile of Daniel Francis Doyle

New Orleans based guitar prodigy Cliff Hines celebrates the release of Wanderlust with a tour, kicking off @ Snug Harbor in New Orleans, LA on Tuesday, January 15. Watch, listen, and explore his music with our latest presentation.

In Austin, Texas: No Mas Bodas releases "Flesh" 7” (Haute Magie) and parties with SLUGBUG, Pataphysics, and Grape Street @ Hotel Vegas, Saturday, January 19. Daniel Francis Doyle performs at LAFM Tape Release - Night 2 @ Beerland, Friday, January 25.  Watch RTP’s music previews and check out all the bands later this month. 

***Playlist for Tuesday, January 15th Podcast***

Famous People$ (Ryan Rooney) - “Desert Nights” (intro)

Cliff Hines - “Tehran” (intro)

Cliff Hines Quintet - “What Choice Do I Have?” (video)

Cliff Hines Quintet & The Greenhouse Collective - “Pastels” (video)

Cliff Hines - Wanderlust Introduction & “Wanderlust” (spoken word + music)

No Mas Bodas - “Flesh” (video)


Daniel Francis Doyle - “You’re Nowhere” (intro)

Daniel Francis Doyle - “There Are Two Of You” (music) 

"I’ve just started Rock The Pilot SoundCloud and Vimeo accounts, and hope to upgrade them in March after SXSW Music Fest.  In the meantime. You may view individual segments on my YouTube and Vimeo channels, and bonus Daniel Francis Doyle segment on Rock The Pilot’s Vimeo site. The entire podcast will still be available on this blog and at Radio Casbah. Thanks for your support!”

~diy danna

New Year & Free Week Preview 2013 on Radio Casbah

The special second edition of Rock The Pilot is the clumsy result of late night goofing off with d-i-y editing. For your consideration: an unusual audio/visual guide to local music—via music videos, slides, and New Year’s Eve party and Free Week show posters. 

The playlist for the latest podcast isn’t coincidental; it’s an abstract musical essay related to a year in the life of a music lover. 

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


SLUGBUG @ The Owl (formerly Baby Blue Studio), Tuesday, October 30.

***Monday, December 31, 2012 Playlist***

Shortwave Party ”Where to Begin”  

SLUGBUG ”Weird Life”

The Bell Riots ”El Paso Boy” Live 

Famous People$ (formerly Rycootermelontramp) “Got The Future in My Pocket” 

Pilgrimess “Skeleton” 

Daze of Heaven “Visions” 

Incidental/background music: “Desert Nights” by Famous People$

Featured links: 

Radio Casbah - The official home for Rock The Pilot podcasts.

Show List Austin - A reliable, longtime source for show info.

Cool In Austin - Know where to go for free and cheap thrills on NYE and in the new year.

There were difficulties with the audio, so there’s no voice-over, and I had to record a separate introduction:

But the music is loud and clear. Happy New Year!


New Year’s Eve & Free Week (Introduction)

Better late than never: Rock The Pilot’s first video podcast!

There were more than a few snafus… Due to a voice-over error, my voice won’t be a part of the second show, but you will hear an all local music podcast, featuring music videos, and highlights of New Year’s Eve parties and Free Week!

Watch on YouTube if you can’t wait for the Radio Casbah link. 

Superflux Ensemble Interview (10/29/12) by DIY Danna on Vimeo.

I conducted an impromptu interview with the creator of Superflux Ensemble, Mike Halverson, in the backyard of Green House in Austin, Texas during a live music event in October.


Mike Halverson is a musician, artist, and educator now residing in Los Angeles, CA. In November, he completed a cross-country trek and recording project dubbed Superflux Ensemble, recording 30 songs with a diverse group of musicians, friends, and strangers, dedicated to the 30 years since his family’s departure from California to the East Coast.

Superflux Ensemble embodies the sharing of riches of Halverson’s artistic, cultural, and educational experiences, and is a musical recording in three phrases: "departure (Recession), journey (Trans/Migration), and arrival (Homecoming)". The recordings during his journey (including Austin, Texas), "Trans/Migration", represent the diversity of musical experiences and form a pastiche journal of spoken words, lyrics, and music. My voice is included in one of the recordings, and two of the recordings from Austin feature Halverson’s friend and former band mate on bass Wayne Decker, who also recorded our conversation on video. 

The background noises you hear in the video interview include a train and a band’s sound check. With these noises as a soundtrack on the last part of his journey back west, Halverson explains the inspiration, motivation, and people involved in the music recording project, and future plans to present a Superflux Ensemble release event in Los Angeles.


Listen to the original recording in progress: Superflux Ensemble 30:30:30.


Radio Casbah Reviews: My Education and Plutonium Farmers


Two very different bands based in Austin, Texas have one thing in common: they both excel at live improvisation. Eclectic collective My Education released A Drink For All My Friends  (Golden Antenna, Europe and Haute Magie, U.S.A.) on CD and mp3 format after Thanksgiving, and the free jazz & surf rock association Plutonium Farmers (led by prolific Jonathan Horne) recently celebrated the release of a double LP on vinyl and mp3, Helloha and Index Zero (Wattage Cottage Records).


My Education

A Drink for All My Friends

(Golden Antenna, E.U. and Haute Magie, U.S.A.)

My Education considers their ensemble a learning experience for even its most seasoned members, like Scott Telles (ST 37), and has developed through different phases, maturing into a signature sound that continues to explore the depths of musical expression. The current phase definitely sounds heavier, or more intensely dramatic, with A Drink For All My Friends.

“A Drink…” briefly commences the 7-track EP with minimalist percussion, which includes a foreshadowing vibraphone, then effortlessly leaps to “…for All My Friends”, a beautifully complex piece that begins as a western-tinged string arrangement and ends as a progressive metal work. The album seems best experienced as one composition, although individually, each track composed sounds like a work of art in an abstract collection of short stories. The haunting strings and cadences of “Mister 1986” involve random samples that sound like the steps of human activity in an urban setting. The sampling rolls into the takeoff of “Black Box”, another composition featuring recorded samples and pulsating keyboard, highlighted by flowing wind instrumentation and soaring guitar, and punctuated by vibraphone and the slow groove of bass and drums. “Roboter-Hohlenbewohner” definitely simulates German synth rock, yet generates its own futuristic energy. “Happy Village”  conjures a contrasting image of a future utopia, as rhythmic guitar illustrates a simpler and slower pace of progress that gradually quickens its descent into the controlled calamity of “Homunculus”. The finale piece works out the aggression of conflict between wailing sax and guitar to an overall satisfying conclusion that’s not necessarily a happy ending to a narrative of sound and fury.

Overall, My Education’s A Drink For All My Friends could serve as a soundtrack to a movie, similar to the ensemble’s earlier film work (F.W. Murnau’s 1927 silent masterpiece “Sunrise”), or as a soundtrack to the post-modern pace of life in an artistically diverse and evolving community—and world. Cheers to those who find beauty in the chaos of the the quasi-composed/improvised album.


My Education’s Next Live Performances: January 3rd and 10th @ Beauty Ballroom


Plutonium Farmers

Helloha and Index Zero

(Wattage Cottage Records)

Plutonium Farmers
Helloha and Index Zero features the veraciously talented and passionate Jonathan Horne on vocals and guitar, and distinctly different, dynamic drummers Aaron Dugan and Matthew Armistead, and was recorded live by Steve Albini.

The noise rock introduction or invitation of the long-awaited double LP, “It’s For You”, summons listeners with decidedly independent tastes: music lovers who appreciate the improvisational elements of free jazz, and the body moving riffs of surf rock. “Easy” best describes the easy flowing soulfulness of the guitar riffs and drum beats of the track, leading the listener into a not quite comfortable yet enjoyable listening zone. Rock and jazz drum styles duel yet somehow get along, bonded with the effortless language of guitar, interspersed with seemingly random poetic vocal outbursts. The transformative “JuJu” (cover of a Wayne Shorter classic) presents a Horne solo, where his guitar speaks and casts a spell of attentiveness that lasts throughout the two-part album. Another early highlight of Helloha and Index Zero, “Land of Sunsets”, is a warmly unique interpretation of  a song by Horne’s grandfather, Scott Mills.

The second half of the album builds to noisy ecstasy, with the sensitively strong vocals of “Red Show at the Opera House”, and the playful drums and guitar of “Fresh Produce”, which both seem autobiographical in nature, although all of the recordings are improvised. The sonic gems continue beyond “You Only Need One Pearl”, a Horne solo that offers unnecessary yet welcome proof of his subtle guitar genius, and surf riffs rule as the noise rock kahuna Plutonium Farmers play “Strange Surf Motto”. The latter part of the album deceptively decrescendos into intuitive rock improvisation, then  psychs out listeners by cranking up the volume to loud and unsteady, yet solid rock beats. If you seek a sonic adventure to an imaginary destination, then Plutonium Farmers says “Welcome to Where We’re At”.

Plutonium Farmers’ two-disk album could be dismissed as quirky musings of a noise rock band, or appreciated as an exploration of what makes the cacophonous in music pleasing to ears.  Helloha and Index Zero is an engaging effort—by a delicately balanced act of artistic free spirits and technical precision—that defies music conformity. This is what makes music innovative and enjoyable.


The double LP album is available for digital download at sites like Amazon and CDBaby, and you can order it on vinyl by contacting the band at their website.

Now on Radio Casbah!

The host and producer, yours truly, fought and seemed to have lost a battle with a cold, but recovered enough to be coherent to record and edit the first Rock The Pilot show on Radio Casbah!

Press to play or click link to download the premiere podcast here:

Rock The Pilot Show Fri 30 Nov 2012 by Rock The Pilot , an eclectic indie music show based in (but not exclusively featuring the music of) Austin, Texas.

I’m not an official network DJ yet, but with a little training and polishing, the show will be listed among the ranks of Radio Casbah’s finest. In the meantime, enjoy the bi-weekly music podcast here and on the show’s blog, which includes playlists and music event announcements.

Listen and enjoy—and visit for new shows!

~DIY Danna~

***Friday, November 30, 2012 Playlist***

Waiting for the clouds - Tara Craig

Waiting on the Line - Gangi

Caulfield - Runaway Dorothy

Don’t Play To Lose - The Lonesome Heroes

Mr. Aminhejad- Darling New Neighbors

Suckcess - Pinata Protest

Give It To Me - Amplified Heat 

Music Artists: Submit your labor of love for consideration of play on Radio Casbah

CD or digital file (.mp3, .wav, SoundCloud or links) are accepted formats. We just need your permission to play your music: "Song-for-Airplay Exchange Agreement" (Radio Casbah Permission Form *.pdf) 

Print and mail a signed copy to the address mentioned on the form; or print, sign, scan and email it to

Black & Red Friday Show

Reverend Billy Talen & The Church of Stop Shopping Choir w/ the Not Buying It Band are featured in a special holiday edition (and sneak preview) of Rock The Pilot, premiering on Radio Casbah next Friday, November 30th. 

We’re still working out production kinks, but adjust your volume settings if necessary to enjoy! 

Listen to the "Buy Nothing Day" show now:

***Friday, November 23 Playlist*** 

"Shopocalypse - Slow Drag" - Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir

"Uplift" - Bipolar Gentlemen

"Dreamcrushers Inc." - Deserts of Mars

"Vuitton" - Balaclavas

"Heavy Air" - Pure X

"End of The World" LA Vampires & Maria Minerva

"Floating" - No Mas Bodas

***Bonus Blog / Holiday Track***

"Things Fall Apart" by Cristina (Sleep It Off, 1984, Ze Records) 

Things Fall Apart by Cristina on Grooveshark

Musicians: Feature Your Music on Radio Casbah!



Rock The Pilot welcomes engaging, eclectic, and experimental indie music, news of events (shows and tours) by music artists, and submission of music events for worthy causes by activists—locally and globally. The indie music show premieres Monday, November 26th Friday, November 30th on Radio Casbah

Want consideration of playing your musical labor of love on Rock The Pilot? It’s as easy as sending a digital link to your latest release and/or back catalog, with a signed, scanned, and emailed permission to play form.

As host and producer, I’ve made it easier for you by making this form publicly available to you: 

“Song-for-Airplay Exchange Agreement” (Radio Casbah Permission Form *.pdf)

Simply print, sign, scan, and email the form (not forgetting link/s to your music) to “Radio Casbah Play Agreement” should be in the subject field.  

If you want to do it the snail mail way, send a hard copy or copies of your music with a signed copy of the agreement form (please keep original for your records) to the address listed on the document. 

I’m excited about listening to and featuring your music on the show!

OS OVNI: "We've Only Just Begun"

A limited download of a spacey, quirky cover of a classic pop tune is still available; OS OVNI covers The Carpenters' 1970 hit "We’ve Only Just Begun"

The song title seems like an omen for the otherworldly pop duo, who will be on the road sharing their universal yet unique love for electronic pop music. 

Video Bonus: A favorite OS OVNI video. 

Austin Music History Trivia Bonus: A ska-punk band called Gals Panic (featuring Jerm Pollet) covered this song in 1995 on their LP, I Think We Need Helicopters.

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